Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Resources

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Pray without ceasing 


From International Bodies 

For the materials published for the Centenary Week of Prayer, devised by the Churches of the United States co-ordinated by the Society of the Atonement at Graymoor, New York State, where the Church Unity Octave was inaugurated in 1908, visit the following pages on the websites ot the joint publishers:


From Britain

For the editions of the materials produced for use in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, visit the site of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland:


Readings from the Scriptures 

For a new booklet of readings from the Bible, jointly produced by Churches Together in England and the Bible Society, click here to download the PDF file or visit the websites of the publisher:


Intercessions for the Liturgy or Personal Prayer

For a small leaflet of bidding prayers, litanies and intercessions that can easily be used in services during the Week of Prayer or at other times of the year, based on those drawn up by Paul Couturier, click here to download the PDF file or here to download a Word document. Or visit the 'Praying" pages of the website of the publisher:


From the Friars of the Atonement at Graymoor, New York 

The founder of the Friars of the Atonement, Fr Paul Wattson, launched the Church Unity Octave with the Revd Spencer Jones - the Week of Prayer's first incarnation. Visit their website for more of the history, background and resources for use in the USA.


Ecumenical Office 

For an ecumenical office for Christian Unity that can be used in the Week of Prayer or at other times of the year, again based on the writings of Paul Couturier as used by the Chemin Neuf Community and incorporating some hymns of Charles Wesley at the time of his Tercentenary, click here to download a Word Document file or visit the following website, which has more detail on the fascinating life and work of Fr Paul Couturier:


Some Essays and Articles

Here are two important essays by members of the Society of the Atonement, which we reproduce with grateful acknowledgement:

Here are two essays by Fr Mark Woodruff, the first outlining the development of the thought and spiritual ecumenism of Fr Paul Couturier, the second touching on the development of ecumenical monasticism and liturgical renewal inspired by Dom Lambert Beauduin, which profoundly influences Couturier: